Tracey Bolton, CM
About Tracey

After years of study and practice, and after rigorous testing, Tracey became a Nationally Certified Spiritualist Medium through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, based in Washington, D.C.

As a Psychic Medium she is able to see, hear and feel those in spirit, including loved ones and beneficent guides from your spiritual team. She works regularly as a platform medium, teacher, speaker, gives private readings and also demonstrates mediumship in spirit circles.

Seeing and sensing the presence of spirit since the age of five, Tracey has also had precognitive dreams her entire adult life.  Through these dreams she has been able to take information she has received from spirit to help guide others through difficult circumstances, by providing inspired support and information.

As a past educator with graduate studies in psychology, she has been able to integrate her past career with her intuitive mediumship work, as she presents inspirational spiritual topics at speaking events, and provides classes on intuitive and mediumship development.

She is dedicated to serving spirit and considers herself blessed and fortunate in being able to serve as a conduit for spirits doing their healing work of love. Each reading she gives is different, as spirit tailors the information given to the individual receiving the reading. It is best to come to a reading with an open heart and mind and to allow spirit to gently direct the course of events.  In this way, your reading will become an adventure of discovery.

Over the years she has studied her craft with many well known mediums around the country and in Europe (Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Hollister Rand, Suzanne Giesemann, David Darnbrough, Robin Hodson) and has attended the esteemed Arthur Findlay School of Psychic Sciences near London. She has demonstrated both in the United States and in Brussels.

Please feel free to contact Tracey if you would like to attend a class, request an appointment, would like to host a small spirit circle, or have a church or group desiring a class or speaker.



A reading generally lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. Readings can contain visits from loved ones in spirit, spiritual guidance and psychic information. All information is received with your highest and best in mind. Private readings are $150.00.


Classes range from beginning psychic and intuitive skills to more advanced mediumship.

Parties/Events/Public Speaker

Individual readings as well as small group.

Various speaking topics on mediumship and spirituality.

Transition Support

Support, reassurance and spiritual support regarding your recent or pending loss of a loved one.


Connecting with those in spirit is a loving and natural endeavor.

You can take comfort in knowing that your loved ones are always near.

They can hear you and feel your love.

As a Certified Spiritualist Medium, I believe fully in the afterlife, in the existence of Divine

Intelligence, and I work only in the highest vibration of benevolent connection. Therefore, no

negativity of any kind can enter into the information that we receive from spirit together

during a reading.

Comments From Clients About Readings

“Tracey brought through my father, with descriptions of events, feelings from my childhood that could only have come from him.”
– Jan B.

“I received a message from my mom who passed away a few days ago. It was exactly what I was wanting, to hear good news from her.”
– William R.

“The message you gave me from Trycia is priceless. You heard my daughter’s soul and shared with me, giving me hope, encouragement and love. You used her”voice” knowing very little about her. It’s been over 9 months since she passed, but I know she is well and happy. I hear her too, but not entire messages like you received. Helped to heal my heart.”
– Char

“Tracey identified my mother and our relationship as close as anyone ever could without ever seeing me before. She knew me and who I really am.”
– Anna L.

Intuitive Readings Workshop – Wednesday, April 11, 11-2pm, Camarillo, California
Intuitive Readings Workshop – Wednesday, April 11, 11-2pm, Camarillo, California
Everyone is born with natural intuitive ability! Accessing and refining your own intuitive ability is fun, and easily achievable by following specific and understandable steps....
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Spring Fling With Spirit! Workshop – Saturday, April 7th, 12-4pm
Spring Fling With Spirit! Workshop – Saturday, April 7th, 12-4pm
Come and play with spirit! We will enjoy intuitive games and activities and do readings for each other, as well as explore our Mediumship abilities....
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Beginning Psychic Skills Class – Level 2 – Tuesday, 1/23/18, 12-4pm
Beginning Psychic Skills Class – Level 2 – Tuesday, 1/23/18, 12-4pm
Building on the firm foundation set in Beginning Psychic Skills Level 1, this class has an additional hour, and goes into more depth. We will...
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New Class Offering: Beginning Psychic Skills – Level 1 – Tuesday, 1/9/18
New Class Offering: Beginning Psychic Skills – Level 1 – Tuesday, 1/9/18
See Event/Classes page. Registration on Eventbrite page. Everyone is born with intuitive ability. This class sets the foundation for you to learn the basics of...
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Psychic Gymnasium of Challenges Class November 18, 2017
Psychic Gymnasium of Challenges Class November 18, 2017
Spirit really enjoyed this day!   We had a great turnout in Santa Barbara at the Church of the Comforter. Everyone came together in a great show...
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Beginning Psychic Skill Level 1 Class
Beginning Psychic Skill Level 1 Class
Well, the Beginning Psychic Skills Class on November 8th, 2017 in Woodland Hills was a fulfilling day.  The class was full.  Thank you to everyone...
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Psychic Gymnasium Day of Challenges Class!
Psychic Gymnasium Day of Challenges Class!
On Saturday, November 18th, from 1-5 I'll be teaching a "Psychic Skills Gymnasium of Challenges!" class in Santa Barbara.  We'll have fun exploring some fun,...
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Beginning Psychic Skills class was great!
Beginning Psychic Skills class was great!
Thanks to all of you who attended my class on Wednesday! You were a wonderful group, open, curious and ready to learn. For those of...
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Comments From Students About Classes

“The class was all of the above – helpful, informative, inspiring and fun.   The practice was wonderful and very verifying of my abilities.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet some very special people.” – Barbara

“Great class- very basic skills into the foundation of developing your psychic intuition.  Informative – yes – just got me more in touch with my intuition and listening to it more, to be able to be ok with the decisions I make.  Please do this again!  Thanks.” – Jill

“The class was helpful, Tracey is filled with love and you can feel it.  She is very calming and creates a soothing environment to learn in.  I am learning to trust my intuition and trust in myself more, thanks to Tracey.” – Adam

“High energy, fun, got to try a lot of new techniques.  Fast-paced.” – Sherryl

“For a first-time participant, this class was highly informative and encouraging for my further personal growth.  The energy was nurturing and has piqued my interest to learn and experience more.”  – Peter

“This was an amazing class!  Tracey!  Excellent array of FUN, mind-bending activities to open and expand the consciousness.  What a fun day!!! Thank you for teaching it!” – Eve

“Tracey is an amazing instructor.  I had a lot of fun learning.  I look forward to the next class!” – Cari

Thank you for allowing open dialogue and not placing any judgements or restrictions. I really enjoyed the exercises!”

“I really enjoyed the class. It was so much fun. I appreciate your teaching style; it is so not rigid and you are light, open, easy! Thank you! Please come back!”

“I felt very safe during the entire class. I was able to open up and learn so much because it was such a wonderful environment. I would definitely do the class again!”

“Great job! Very interesting and enlightening. Thank you!!!”

“I found the Beginning Psychic Skills Class to be very helpful.  I am inspired to keep going.  It was good to have all the information that you provided.  Thank you.  Your caring and patience are so appreciated.”


“Very informative.  Easy going, well explained, love your attention to detail.  You acknowledged each and every student.  Love to be present for future classes.”


“Thank you and thank you.  I feell more confident and inspired to continue in this realm of knowing more on the psychic level of development.  I will sign up for your next class coming up!  Blessings.”


“Enjoyed tapping into my higher self, and am looking forward to learning more about readings.  I loved this experience!”



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