Beginning Psychic Skill Level 1 Class

Well, the Beginning Psychic Skills Class on November 8th, 2017 in Woodland Hills was a fulfilling day.  The class was full.  Thank you to everyone who participated! I observed many people connecting with their intuitive abilities and working in pursuit of the highest and best.  Bravo!

I received many wonderful student comments, including:

“Great class- very basic skills into the foundation of developing your psychic intuition.  Informative – yes – just got me more in touch with my intuition and listening to it more, to be able to be ok with the decisions I make.  Please do this again!  Thanks.” – Jill

“The class was helpful, Tracey is filled with love and you can feel it.  She is very calming and creates a soothing environment to learn in.  I am learning to trust my intuition and trust in myself more, thanks to Tracey.” – Adam

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