Psychic Gymnasium of Challenges Class November 18, 2017

Spirit really enjoyed this day!   We had a great turnout in Santa Barbara at the Church of the Comforter. Everyone came together in a great show of humor, enthusiasm and willingness to try new things.  Students ranged from newcomers to doing intuitive work, to those more experienced. We had the busiest day, and experimented with various forms of doing readings (including tea leaves), ancient divination techniques, speed readings, psychokinesis and more.  It was an enthusiastic group, open, curious and kind.  What great students!! 🙂

A few of many wonderful student comments:

“High energy, fun, got to try a lot of new techniques.  Fast-paced.” – Sherryl

“For a first-time participant, this class was highly informative and encouraging for my further personal growth.  The energy was nurturing and has piqued my interest to learn and experience more.”  – Peter

“This was an amazing class!  Tracey!  Excellent array of FUN, mind-bending activities to open and expand the consciousness.  What a fun day!!! Thank you for teaching it!” – Eve

“Tracey is an amazing instructor.  I had a lot of fun learning.  I look forward to the next class!” – Cari


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