About Tracey

After years of study and practice, and after rigorous testing, Tracey became a Nationally Certified Spiritualist Medium through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, based in Washington, D.C.

As a Psychic Medium she is able to see, hear and feel those in spirit, including loved ones and beneficent guides from your spiritual team. She works regularly as a platform medium, teacher, speaker, gives private readings and also demonstrates mediumship in spirit circles.

Seeing and sensing the presence of spirit since the age of five, Tracey has also had precognitive dreams her entire adult life.  Through these dreams she has been able to take information she has received from spirit to help guide others through difficult circumstances, by providing inspired support and information.

As a past educator with graduate studies in psychology, she has been able to integrate her past career with her intuitive mediumship work, as she presents inspirational spiritual topics at speaking events, and provides classes on intuitive and mediumship development.

She is dedicated to serving spirit and considers herself blessed and fortunate in being able to serve as a conduit for spirits doing their healing work of love. Each reading she gives is different, as spirit tailors the information given to the individual receiving the reading. It is best to come to a reading with an open heart and mind and to allow spirit to gently direct the course of events.  In this way, your reading will become an adventure of discovery.

Over the years she has studied her craft with many well known mediums around the country and in Europe (Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Hollister Rand, Suzanne Giesemann, David Darnbrough, Robin Hodson) and has attended the esteemed Arthur Findlay School of Psychic Sciences near London. She has demonstrated both in the United States and in Brussels.

Please feel free to contact Tracey if you would like to attend a class, request an appointment, would like to host a small spirit circle, or have a church or group desiring a class or speaker.