Comments From Clients About Readings

“Tracey brought through my father, with descriptions of events, feelings from my childhood that could only have come from him.”
– Jan B.

“I received a message from my mom who passed away a few days ago. It was exactly what I was wanting, to hear good news from her.”
– William R.

“The message you gave me from Trycia is priceless. You heard my daughter’s soul and shared with me, giving me hope, encouragement and love. You used her”voice” knowing very little about her. It’s been over 9 months since she passed, but I know she is well and happy. I hear her too, but not entire messages like you received. Helped to heal my heart.”
– Char

“Tracey identified my mother and our relationship as close as anyone ever could without ever seeing me before. She knew me and who I really am.”
– Anna L.