Comments From Students About Classes

“The class was all of the above – helpful, informative, inspiring and fun.   The practice was wonderful and very verifying of my abilities.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet some very special people.” – Barbara

“Great class- very basic skills into the foundation of developing your psychic intuition.  Informative – yes – just got me more in touch with my intuition and listening to it more, to be able to be ok with the decisions I make.  Please do this again!  Thanks.” – Jill

“The class was helpful, Tracey is filled with love and you can feel it.  She is very calming and creates a soothing environment to learn in.  I am learning to trust my intuition and trust in myself more, thanks to Tracey.” – Adam

“High energy, fun, got to try a lot of new techniques.  Fast-paced.” – Sherryl

“For a first-time participant, this class was highly informative and encouraging for my further personal growth.  The energy was nurturing and has piqued my interest to learn and experience more.”  – Peter

“This was an amazing class!  Tracey!  Excellent array of FUN, mind-bending activities to open and expand the consciousness.  What a fun day!!! Thank you for teaching it!” – Eve

“Tracey is an amazing instructor.  I had a lot of fun learning.  I look forward to the next class!” – Cari

Thank you for allowing open dialogue and not placing any judgements or restrictions. I really enjoyed the exercises!”

“I really enjoyed the class. It was so much fun. I appreciate your teaching style; it is so not rigid and you are light, open, easy! Thank you! Please come back!”

“I felt very safe during the entire class. I was able to open up and learn so much because it was such a wonderful environment. I would definitely do the class again!”

“Great job! Very interesting and enlightening. Thank you!!!”

“I found the Beginning Psychic Skills Class to be very helpful.  I am inspired to keep going.  It was good to have all the information that you provided.  Thank you.  Your caring and patience are so appreciated.”


“Very informative.  Easy going, well explained, love your attention to detail.  You acknowledged each and every student.  Love to be present for future classes.”


“Thank you and thank you.  I feell more confident and inspired to continue in this realm of knowing more on the psychic level of development.  I will sign up for your next class coming up!  Blessings.”


“Enjoyed tapping into my higher self, and am looking forward to learning more about readings.  I loved this experience!”